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GGGovernance and Global Governance Group have been founded by Charlotte Valeur who has more than 35 years experience in the finance industry and have served on boards from an early age. She started working as a professional Independent Non Executive Director in 2007 and founded Global Governance Group, a governance consultancy , in 2009. She serves on the boards of a number of listed and unlisted companies and is chairing Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate PLC, a FTSE250 company.

GGGovernance has a focus on the practical implementation of best practice corporate governance. We want to help furthering the understanding of how best practice works within the board room and how to practically follow best practice in areas such as risk oversight, board composition, diversity, shareholder and stakeholder engagement.


Our Courses

Our industry standard courses on governance


Advanced Governance Course

With Charlotte Valeur

The advanced course consists of all the advanced modules bundled up. They all go into more depth in various areas such as succession planning, board composition, risk oversight etc.

  • Price : $750
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Test your Corporate Governance Knowledge

With Charlotte Valeur

This is a thorough knowledge test of corporate governance best practice. All of these areas are covered in our introduction to governance course in greater detail

  • Course duration : 1 hour
  • Price : Free
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Corporate Governance Best Practice

With Charlotte Valeur

Our Corporate Governance Best Practice course consists of 8 modules covering all aspects of practical implementation of corporate governance best practices.

  • Course duration : 4 hours
  • CPD 4
  • Price : $499
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All our governance courses

With Charlotte Valeur

The individual courses altogether form the advanced course but can also be purchased individually depending on your requirements. They look at specific areas such as board composition, risk oversight, diversity etc in more depth.

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Existing and aspiring directors/board members, company secretarial and compliance staff, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who require an understanding of corporate governance best practice. Some prior knowledge of business administration , accounts and corporate governance codes is assumed.

Board Apprentice is a not for profit organisation working to help boards diversify. GGGovernance is supporting them by offering apprentices free governance training.

We will add new courses and modules on different subjects within governance on a regular basis. The existing ones will be updated when necessary.

Global Governance Group is a governance consultancy working with boards to improve governance. They perform board reviews, board mentoring and practical implementation of governance best practice.

Face to face tutoring

Charlotte has many years experience in training groups and individuals. In addition to the online governance training she also offers face to face individual or group corporate governance training. The training can be tailored to suit the individual needs and level of corporate governance understanding. Individual training can be relevant for employees of service providers to boards such as company secretaries, lawyers, accountants etc. It can also be relevant for individuals needing a robust insight into corporate governance. This could for example be politicians who, as part of their job, have to also act as directors of the boards of government owned entities. It could also be senior executives raising to board level as part of their career progression.

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